Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Braithwaite McDonnell help organisations create clear strategic plans showing how capital and resources will be utilised to deliver key business outcomes through best use of technology and effective business change.

Clearly, having a good strategic plan is critical to ensuring that medium and long term significant change is well managed and business objectives are achieved. The plan ensures that the organisation's resources are aligned and provides clarity, particularly in terms of prioritisation and project justification.

However, creating a strategic plan that the organisation will rally behind and which can flex in today's turbulent business climate, is a major undertaking.

We assist organisations and their key departments to create realistic and deliverable strategic plans by:

  • Working with senior management to determine what the desired outcome should be, understanding the business drivers (time, competition, legislation, etc) and reviewing options based on our experience and an analysis of current developments;
  • Gaining a clear understanding of the current position; auditing or reviewing the areas, technologies and processes anticipated to be affected;
  • Working with 3rd party specialists, major vendors, industry analysts etc, as required to ensure that the best solutions are considered; 
  • Shaping a programme of work that moves the organisation from its current position to the desired changed state in incremental phases, each delivering their own benefits which contribute to the overall desired outcome, at a rate that is sustainable by the business.

Our strategic plans are presented in a clear and concise way with a definition of each phase including dependencies, timeframes, resource and budget requirements. Risks and issues are highlighted as are break points should these be needed. We then assist senior managers to present their plan and help champion its wider acceptance.

Nick Ashcroft, October 29, 2007
Senior Legal Manager, Eversheds LLP

"Jon Braithwaite was responsible for driving improvements to program delivery that brought rigour and focus to the way systems were developed and implemented. Jon was extremely focussed on delivering on time , on budget and to spec, but maintained relationships whilst doing so. We are still feeling the benefit of the change in culture and attitudes that Jon was instrumental in bringing about."

Andrew Kendall, November 2006
Technical Architect, Eversheds LLP

"Jon Braithwaite is a great Programme Manager - he has a wealth of experience and his analysis and insight of the best way to deal with tricky scheduling issues or conflicting interests is second to none - Jon is a great person to have on your side."